K-Beauty latest: Get some serious beauty buzz with wine-infused lipstick

There’s nothing more satisfying that putting your feet up and sipping on your favourite glass of wine after a long-ass day at work. Well, now you can feed your recreational addiction not only with a bottle of booze, but also with makeup.

Korean beauty brand Labiotte has launched a wine-infused makeup range that popularly includes its miniature wine bottle-packaged lipstick. Each Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick shade is cleverly named after coveted red wines such as Cabernet Red, Malbec Burgundy and Nebbiolo Red. It also features a little sponge tip to diffuse the chosen colour around your lips accordingly. In addition, celebrities such as Drew Barrymore are a fan of the boozy beauty range. And last time I checked, having a makeup addiction doesn’t get you into rehab so it’s a win-win situation for A-listers.


Moreover, drinking a glass of red wine has always been praised for its health benefits, including its antioxidant properties. However, just to clarify: you can’t actually get drunk from these lippies. The lipsticks contain a wine extract that acts as an active ingredient with the purpose of combating free radicals (those pesky things that cause skin to age) and boosting the cellular longevity of your skin. In other words, the ingredient that you read on the label as Sepivinol will keep your lips nourished and hydrated.


Besides lipstick, the makeup rage also has lip tints

Sadly, these vino-inspired lipsticks aren’t available in stores in the UK, but you can order them at Amazon.com for USD 19 each. If lipstick isn’t your thing, the Chateau Labiotte rage also has a fine selection of vino-inspired lip-gloss and lip tint.

So, treat your lips to something tasty cause let’s face it, a makeup bender is probably healthier for your liver anyway…


Image credit: BuzzFeed

Image credit for cover image: Labiotte.com


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