Tested: H&M All-Day Liquid Foundation

“Pretty much all foundation found on the market these days contains UVA-protecting ingredients.”

Oh foundation, thank you for your existence. Seriously, without you I wouldn’t be able to colour correct and conceal my slight imperfections. However, finding the right foundation can seem like a nuisance task. You need to make sure it matches your skin tone and type. Nothing too cakey, oily, dark etc. In a way, it’s kind of like finding your prince charming: you gotta kiss a lot of slimy frogs before finding the right one.


Image credit: Pinterest

During a casual visit to H&M (one of many I may add), I came across their fairly new beauty section. I picked up one of their all-day liquid foundations in a rose beige tone for £4 (original price was £7.99). The product claims to provide a flawless finish and has SPF 15.

In case you were wondering whether you have seen the phrase  SPF 15 in other products before, well chances are you have. On sunscreen bottles to be exact. Pretty much all foundation found on the market these days contains UVA-protecting ingredients. In H&M liquid foundation´s case, its titanium dioxide.


H&M All-Day Liquid Foundation, image credit: H&M.com 

Besides formulas with skin-protecting sunscreen and antioxidants, foundations as well as creams and lotions contain silicon powder as a key ingredient. On the label, silicon properties would reveal itself under names such as silica and dimethicone. Derived from a natural earth mineral, silicon is added in cosmetics to emulsify (basically a fancy term for binding things together that don’t naturally bind) and improve the texture and spread of a product more evenly onto the skin.

Left: without foundation, right: with foundation. Image credit: Geneve Anderson 

With the H&M foundation, I ended it up having mixed feelings about the product. The lotion type texture was rather thick when I applied it onto my face. Overall, I would say that the foundation provided a light to medium coverage. Unfortunately, slight clumpy sweat patches on my t-zone and right above my lips became visible after about four to five hours. With my combination skin type, the so called “flawless finish” looked rather faded by then. Dry skin types should watch out for this product because it might make your skin even more dry.

And while the product wasn’t all bad to be honest (I didn’t have an allergic reaction, for example), it’s safe to say that I’m more pleased with H&M clothing than I am with their liquid foundation.

Rating: 3/ 5 stars

Image credit of cover image: lpgauntlet.com


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