Tested: Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

“Noteworthy is that activated charcoal can carry particles 100 times its own weight.”

If you are shaking your head with disbelieve at the thought of using charcoal as a face cleanser – hear me out. Besides grilling your steak, charcoal has been widely used for medical treatments and skincare regimes for centuries, even dating back to ancient Egypt times in 1550 BC. However, before you go out and fetch some charcoal from a barbecue pit, you should know that there is a difference between regular (for fuel) and activated (for remedies) charcoal.


BBQ charcoal is not the same type found in cosmetic products. Image credit: Pinterest

In more chemical terms, activated charcoal is a carbon that has been treated with oxygen to expand its surface area and intensify its adsorption capabilities. When applied topically onto skin, this type of charcoal basically acts as a giant magnet that catches and gets rid of dirt and impurities. Noteworthy is that activated charcoal can carry particles 100 times its own weight.

For £5.24, Bioré´s charcoal cleanser is certainly a budget-friendly investment. It claims to deep clean two times better than any other face wash and is suitable for oily skin types. Visible black charcoal powder is encapsulated in a clear gel texture. For optimal use, rub it all over your wet face and rinse off thoroughly once or twice a day.


Bioré´s charcoal cleanser, image credit: Boots

From my own personal usage, I genuinely do believe that this is the most effective cleanser I have ever used. Sure, I do get the occasional spot from time to time, but all and all my face does look very smooth and clean since I’ve included it in my personal skincare regime for over a year now.


Been using this stuff for about a year now. Image credit: Geneve Anderson 

The only criticism I have towards this product is that it contains menthol. Derived from either peppermint or eucalyptus, it has a slight cooling sensation on the skin and smells rather minty. Unfortunately, menthol can also cause skin irritation due to its inflammation properties as a counter-irritant.

And whilst I haven’t had a bad reaction myself, those with sensitive skin or anyone who has never used a product with this ingredient before should be cautious. Obviously, anyone who is already allergic to mint should avoid using this face wash altogether. Hence, if it weren’t for the menthol, this charcoal cleanser would have received top marks from me.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Image credit for image: Funny Junk 


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